hi there! my name is roger and i do software engineering and software architecture for a living.

i have been professionally writing code for a while now, and i have been writing code as a hobby for even longer. chances are that you are among the many millions of people who have already used some of the software i contributed to while working at a large software vendor.

a few years back, i have transitioned into a software architect role, so i don’t get to write that much code myself anymore - at work anyway. i get to look more at the bigger picture of large distributed systems, which is a lot of fun too.

at different stages of my life i have accumulated a lot of knowledge, a lot of which is not very useful in the real world and a lot of it i have probably already forgotten 😉. i have studied 6 languages, lived on 2 continents, co-founded 2 companies (on 2 continents), and i have had many brilliantly useless ideas. about some of them, you will be able to read on this page.